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She muttered gasping, inarticulate love-words, rocking slowly to and fro the while, and patting Genevieve's shoulder with her ponderous hand.
He waked up, gasping for breath, his hair soaked with perspiration, and stood up in terror.
In The CPA Journal's December 1986 issue, authors Stanley Rier and Leonard Goodman summed up their analysis of how that year's major tax reform bill would affect individuals this way: "It appears that under the banner of tax simplification, Congress has treated us to a head-spinning array of changes which will leave the individual taxpayer gasping for breath.
EastEnders star Jessie Wallace left audience members gasping when she fell off the stage during a gig where she dressed up as a 'drag king'.
Summary: In a clip, he was seen gasping for breath during the song, 'Angels'
When filming wrapped on short comedy Gasping the controversial comic revealed they had made their stand-up debuts together.
He has been gasping for more than an hour,'' the lawyers pleaded in their filings.
I vividly remember lying on the ground, gasping for breath, surrounded by other kids who were looking down at me and laughing.
Noel Fehily reported he was gasping for air and we are having it investigated.
If I'm caught off guard, I can't help it; I start gasping for air," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Britain's Stylist magazine.
Hundreds more fish which were seen gasping for air by Environment Agency officers are expected to die.