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Her sister gave a gasp of horror, and stood with a clutch at Monica's arm, staring in the same direction.
For those things, whose unmanageableness, even when represented on paper, makes one gasp with a sort of amused horror, were manned by men who are his direct professional ancestors.
She was almost at the last gasp, but began kicking once more.
Not because of the breathtaking number of changes this latest overhaul brings to our tax code, although there is a dizzying amount of them; no, these gasps accompany our shock and disbelief that, in less than two months, congressional Republicans could introduce and enact a major tax overhaul affecting every American, add approximately $1.
People who witness an individual collapse suddenly and unexpectedly should perform uninterrupted chest compressions even if the patient gasps or breathes in an unusual way, according to research from the Resuscitation Research Group at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Centre.
Barack Obama caused gasps during the National Western Stock Show's annual banquet.