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any situations, those 'S trips’ of time and space, in which SOCIAL ACTORS come together in face-to-face interaction (GOFFMAN, 1963). In moving into, or initiating, such contexts of copresence, social actors make themselves ‘available’, a process which involves the mutual monitoring of one another's actions. Gatherings may be either fleeting, including the polite discourse of routine greetings, or longer-lasting, in which the paraphernalia in which they are located may be planned and regularized, e.g. the fixed timing and formal arrangement of tables and chairs in a seminar. But all gatherings, however trivial they may seem, are implicated in larger social structures and, in turn, have implications for these social structures.

What does it mean when you dream about gatherings?

The nature of a particular gathering suggests the meaning of this symbol (e.g., a happy and sociable assembly or a sad or angry crowd). Groups also suggest the collective opinion of others.

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It was at the end of the first course that Mademoiselle Cormon made the most celebrated of her "speeches"; it was talked about for fully two years, and is still told at the gatherings of the lesser bourgeoisie whenever the topic of her marriage comes up.
When the time came to make that dream true the Prime Minister took the proper steps, and in three days you might more easily have found a bubble in the trough of the long Atlantic seas, than Purun Dass among the roving, gathering, separating millions of India.
For this gathering, the Zoological Hall which had been the scene of the inception of our task was found to be far too small, and it was only in the Queen's Hall in Regent Street that accommodation could be found.
Shyness barred him from the evening gatherings, and what was going on in that house, with young bloods like Ted Pringle, Albert Parsons, Arthur Brown, and Joe Blossom (to name four of the most assiduous) exercising their fascinations at close range, he did not like to think.
Cronshaw often went to the gatherings on Tuesday evenings when the poet received men of letters and painters, and discoursed with subtle oratory on any subject that was suggested to him.
The company assembled at Nastasia Philipovna's consisted of none but her most intimate friends, and formed a very small party in comparison with her usual gatherings on this anniversary.
In meeting crowds of people at public gatherings, there is one type of individual that I dread.
She had been married during the previous winter, and being pregnant did not go to any large gatherings, but only to small receptions.
After a distressing search a fresh discovery would be made, and produced in the same way, until, by means of repeated attacks, he had stirred his audience to a degree of animation quite remarkable in these gatherings.
You only know the shell of a Scot until you have entered his home circle; in his office, in clubs, at social gatherings where you and he seem to be getting on so well he is really a house with all the shutters closed and the door locked.
Then, wishing to secure a brilliant position in high society, he learnt to dance excellently and very soon was invited to all the balls in the best circles, and to some of their evening gatherings.
The Doctor still read from cover to cover his Lancet and his Medical Journal, attended all professional gatherings, worked himself into an alternate state of exaltation and depression over the results of the election of officers, and reserved for himself a den of his own, in which before rows of little round bottles full of glycerine, Canadian balsam, and staining agents, he still cut sections with a microtome, and peeped through his long, brass, old-fashioned microscope at the arcana of nature.