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(tool, language)
GNU awk. Gawk is a superset of standard awk and includes some Plan 9 features.

David Trueman and Arnold Robbins of Georgia Institute of Technology were developing it in 1993. It has been ported to Unix, MS-DOS, Macintosh, and Archimedes.

Latest version: 2.15.3, as of 1993-11-08.

Available by FTP from your nearest GNU archive site.

Mac version.


A version of the awk pattern matching language from the GNU foundation. See awk and GNU.
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By now you've read all the details about the lawsuit between Hulk Hogan and Gawker (it involved a sex tape) and how wealthy tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel helped finance the legal efforts against the company.
But if it's any consolation to Denton, Gawker is far from alone in experiencing sudden freefall, even as the explosive presidential campaign would presumably be pushing politics-centric websites to new heights.
NICK DENTON built a fiefdom of blogs from the popularity of his snarky media gossip site Gawker.
He has asked dealers to work dressed as animals (lions and rabbits), and he once closed off the entrance to a gallery, forcing visitors to look through the window, like common gawkers or makeshift thieves, at the sorry spectacle of a mechanical bear trying to walk a tightrope stretched from one end of the space to the other.
So when the front lawn of his Malibu home, bought with earnings from a long-defunct sitcom called ``Everything's Peachy,'' is overrun by gawkers and journalists hoping to glimpse the nuptials of his neighbor Barbra Streisand, Jerry takes the media circus personally; it's the ultimate excuse to take stock of his sagging career, stale marriage and mess of a life.
HOLLYWOOD Last week's dueling preems for "The Fighting Temptations" and "Cold Creek Manor" created unexpected surprises for gawkers crowding the Chinese and El Capitan theaters on Hollywood Boulevard.
Gone, too, were the gawkers and autograph-seekers popping out of congressional offices to catch a peek of the celebrity politician.
It keeps millions glued to cable television's barkers and draws thousands of gawkers to curbside memorials and outsize funeral services.
If only potential gawkers and would-be surfriders could pay a visit to this museum, which was founded five years ago in a 1930 former bank building.
At barricades, thousands of gawkers pressed against scores of bobbies in Day-Glo yellow-green vests to grab a glimpse of the film's stars and other celebrities.
As the caravan carrying Palm Beach County ballots cavorted past Disney World down the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, with helicopters hovering overhead and crowds of gawkers snapping pictures, we were pretty sure the ballots would make it to Tallahassee.
attracted gawkers until it was finally taken apart.