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(tool, language)
GNU awk. Gawk is a superset of standard awk and includes some Plan 9 features.

David Trueman and Arnold Robbins of Georgia Institute of Technology were developing it in 1993. It has been ported to Unix, MS-DOS, Macintosh, and Archimedes.

Latest version: 2.15.3, as of 1993-11-08.

Available by FTP from your nearest GNU archive site.

Mac version.


A version of the awk pattern matching language from the GNU foundation. See awk and GNU.
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Antony, 51 became the latest victim of the gawking fee when members of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions thrashed him when he refused to pay money to them after he had himself unloaded sacks of cement for construction of his house.
White van men the length and breath of the country don't seem capable of looking where they are going at all, so busy are they with gawking at the women on the pavement.
The train slowly rocked past the scene, the passengers in my car gawking and commenting.
The audience stopped gawking at Urlezaga and began to enjoy the entire company in its much-improved third performance.
Each of these little tableaux--from the series entitled "L'Archipel des Pacotilles" (The archipelago of junk, 1991-93)--placed all around the gallery--renders a solitary, focused pleasure to the gawking spectator/wanderer: when we stop before the image, we recognize certain things, but cannot perceive all the details.
This is, after all, a neighborhood that endures thousands of tourists tromping through its streets and gawking in its windows each year--the overwhelming majority of them white.
Heppner, a zoologist at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, wasn't satisfied with gawking.
For 25 years, Cadillac Ranch has entertained gawking motorists traveling Route 66, who wondered how the sculpture was created, as well as provided a de facto canvas for vandals who wanted to leave their mark on the renowned American landmark.
Summary: Gawking fee is the money some workers in Kerala demand for observing the work is being done
The hoi polloi, who stand behind the velvet rope, gawking, will now give their backs to the hoity-toity,' wrote columnist Liz Smith.
Yes, there were other gay and lesbian couples, but this one quickly became fair game for unprecedented gawking.
He hinted at giving the gawking board members a million dollars for their ballet company, and he produced $50,000 on short notice in time to buy Baryshnikov's old ABT sets and costumes for a new Nutcracker last December.