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(GigaBits or GigaBytes per SECond) One billion bits or bytes per second. Gbps is a measurement of peripheral data transfer or network transmission speed. The correct abbreviation is "b" for bits and "B" for bytes; however, "b" and "B" are often interchanged. See space/time, Mbps and Kbps.

Lower case "b" - Gbps, Gb/sec, Gb/s
Gigabits per second is used to rate high-speed serial data transfers such as with SATA and SAS disk drives or high-speed network transmission such as Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Upper case "B" - GB/sec, GB/s
Gigabytes per second is used to rate high-speed parallel data transfers such as memory-to-memory.
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Engineering samples of the Inphi 4336TA for 40 Gbps VSR modules and SONET OC-768 and SDH STM-256 equipment are available now.
Inphi components showcased include the new 4336TA for 40 Gbps Serial VSR transponder modules, the 2251TA highest sensitivity linear TIA for 40 Gbps DQPSK applications, and the 2850TA, the industry's first OIF-compliant 100 Gbps coherent TIA.
5 Dispersion compensation for 40 Gbps networks: optical and electronic
7 Other component and modulation products needed for 40 Gbps networks
Earlier this year, Mintera joined forces with Juniper Networks, Xtera Communications and Verizon Business to transmit 40 Gbps over 3,040 km of field fiber in the Verizon Business Dallas metro area network.
Over the past year we've seen a renewed interest in and appreciation of the economic benefits of 40 Gbps transport.
The Matisse Networks' patented 10 Gbps "Tango" optical burst transponder is capable of tuning to any wavelength in the ITU C-band in nanoseconds.
The SX-1000 Ethernet Service Nodes support up to 48 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) or four 10 Gbps Ethernet (10 GbE) interfaces, along with one or two OBS interface modules (known as TAPs) containing the Tango and MeshWave technologies.
The Dell'Oro Group 5-Year Forecast Report provides a complete overview of the SAN Fibre Channel industry with tables covering manufacturers' revenue, average selling prices, and port shipments (by speed 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, and greater than or equal to 4 Gbps) for Fibre Channel switches and Fibre Channel HBAs.
5 Gbps and low-latency switching capabilities, the 72x72 VSC3172 and 144x144 VSC3144 asynchronous crosspoints deliver near-terabit aggregate bandwidth capacity.
The EN6210 Fabric Manager is a 10 Gbps single chip line card solution, the EN6220 Fabric Manager is a 20 Gbps single chip line card solution and the EN6240 is a 40 Gbps single chip line card solution.
To implement premium multimedia services on an extensive e-Gov network in South Korea, SK Telecom is deploying a 10 Gbps MPLS mesh backbone designed exclusively with Caspian Media Controllers.