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Available in cast and ductile iron, all 700 Series Rotary Gear Pump models can be ordered with foot or flange mounting.
All VMI gear pump extruder systems consist of a single screw extruder in conjunction with a gear pump coupled with a specially designed strainer head or one of our rapid screen changers.
Typically the gear pump RPM is locked to set a constant volumetric rate to the die.
Gear Pump : A gear pump uses the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement.
The MTs achieves 40--60% greater energy efficiency than a conventional hydraulic machine by coupling a permanent-magnet AC servo motor with a fixed gear pump.
The EnviroGear is a durable, environmentally friendly positive displacement gear pump developed to compete where other seal-less (mag-drive) internal gear pumps cannot.
A special gearing with a low squeeze factor is one design feature that Maag claims make the thermorex transfer, booster or metering gear pump so ideal for polymer processes.
The motor pump assembly is a compact device that integrates a brushless DC motor, fluid reservoir, gear pump, combined check valve/pressure relief valve, and ECU.
Power-control system with gear pump and main relief valve
Designed for medical applications where an economical positive displacement pump is needed, the UGP gear pump line is compact, allows complete mounting flexibility and requires no maintenance.
Another prototype part was an oil pump cover plate which acts as the bearing surface for the rotating teeth of the gear pump.