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, name for several small, horselike antelopes, genus Oryx, found in deserts and arid scrublands of Africa and Arabia. They feed on grasses and scrub and can go without water for long periods. Oryxes are light in color with dark patches on the face and legs.
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Why, for example, is it always gemsbok that the man and the lion hunt?
Both people and lions are predators capable of killing big game such as eland, gemsbok and, as in this story, quagga.
Weaver verlaat het Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, steekt de Namibische grens over en komt bij de Popawaterval aan waar hij slechts een handvol mensen aantreft.
of cases Reference Bovidae Nyala, Tragelaphus angasi 1 1 Greater kudu, Tragelaphus 6 2 strepsiceros Gemsbok, Oryx gazella 1 1 Arabian oryx, Oryx leucoryx 1 3 Scimitar-horned oryx, Oryx 1 2 dammah Eland, Taurotragus oryx 6 2,4 American bison, Bison bison 1 5 Felidae Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus 10 (b) 2,5-8 Puma, Felis concolor 3 2,9 Ocelot, Felis pardalis 3 4,5 Tiger, Panthera tigris 3 5 Lion, Panthera leo 4 4,5 Asian golden cat, Catopuma 1 (c) 10 temminckii (a) Animals were born and cases occurred in Great Britain unless stated otherwise.
The son of Anabaa was challenged by Gemsbok and the pair had a battle to the line before Channon's colt finally gained the upper hand by a short neck.
Here, you'll find Northern white rhino, reticulated giraffe, Hartmann's mountain zebra, sable antelope, gemsbok and eland.
Previously, scientists have shown that many African game animals such as cheetah, kudu, nyala, gemsbok, eland.
Last April, the Presidents of South Africa and Botswana signed the treaty that links South Africa's Gemsbok National Park with Botswana's Kalahari Gemsbok National Park to form the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.
In an open-air dining-room you can feast on gemsbok (oryx), barbecued crocodile steaks or ostrich while watching desert animals coming to drink at the floodlit waterhole 50m from your table.
The game features over 30 exotic species of animals including sable, kudu, gemsbok, eland, waterbuck, impala and much more, as well as all new African waterfowl and upland bird hunting.
Between rations, the commercial meat market and our own table, it is necessary to take anywhere between three to five gemsbok and/or blue wildebeest per week based on demand.
Pick a couple of the major antelope that you really want, maybe greater kudu and gemsbok, and then pick two or three common animals from a long list: impala, hartebeest, warthog, wildebeest, zebra, etc.