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Page 42, paragraph 1, lines 5-7: italicise: "A general chart .
The registration fees for the general chart of lawyers, renewal fees for the chart of practicing lawyers and lawyers under training have changed.
By last night, it had climbed to 24 in the general chart, and number two in the alternative chart - only held off the top spot by Cee Lo Green's smash Forget You.
the general chart of accounts and accounting scheme of the economic and financial operations.
William Pope McArthur, of the Ewing, was in the Bay Area surveying for the selection of military and naval depots, and his survey of the city of Vallejo was included in the General Chart.
The real-world use of Aanval can be for a variety of situations: email alerts when a rogue device comes online, alerts of a certain database or Apache error, rogue login or authentication attempts, as well as general charts and graphs to report on the network security status system-wide.

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