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1. Education designating a degree awarded at some universities, studied at a lower academic standard than an honours degree
2. Med relating to or involving the entire body or many of its parts; systemic
3. Logic (of a statement) not specifying an individual subject but quantifying over a domain
4. a title for the head of a religious order, congregation, etc.
5. Med short for general anaesthetic



a military title or rank of the higher command staff of the armed forces. The rank of general was first introduced in France in the 16th century. In the prerevolutionary Russian Army there were the ranks of major general, lieutenant general, general of the infantry, general of the cavalry, general of the artillery, general of the engineers, and field marshal general. The following general ranks were established in the Soviet Army by the May 7, 1940, Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR: major general, lieutenant general, colonel general, and general of the army (for combined-arms commanders). For all branches and combat arms there exist titles from major general to colonel general with the addition of a corresponding designation (for example, major general of aviation).



common, universal, principal. The general party line is a guiding line established by higher party authorities (for example, by convocations of the CPSU and plenums of the Central Committee). It determines in concrete terms what the policy of the party will be at a given stage.

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19) In most scenarios, the general officer will ensure that duties or tasks assigned to the aide are reasonably connected to an official military purpose.
He reports that 600 General Officer Model pistols are currently on loan, and none are on hand at the arsenal.
During the short span of 42 years, the battalion has been awarded one Shaurya Chakra, four Sena Medals, one Vishist Seva Medal, one Jeevan Raksha Padak, four Mentioned-in-Despatches, fortyfour Chief of Army Staff Commendation Cards, six Vice Chief of Army Staff Commendation Cards and fifty General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Commendation Cards.
Besides being the first female general officer in the history of the Chemical Corps, BG Nib has a long list of other first-time accomplishments in her career.
The General Officer Commanding Hyderabad also visited to Yaadgar-e-Shuhda where he laid floral wreaths and offered fateha.
7) These soldiers normally work directly for the general officer.
The Army Chief is also visiting Srinagar where he will be briefed by General Officer Commanding, Chinar Corps and will proceed to forward areas for meeting and interacting with troops deployed on the Line of Control (LoC).
led United Nations Command said Monday it will hold a fourth round of colonel-level talks with North Korea at the truce village Panmunjeom on Tuesday to set up a meeting of general officers to discuss armistice issues stemming from the sinking of a South Korean warship last March.
CHITRAL -- General Officer Commanding, Malakand Division, Major General Nadir Khan along with Commissioner Malakand, Usman Gul Thursday visited Chitral and inspected the flood-hit areas.
Lieutenant General Ashok Singh, General Officer Commanding 1 Corps, and Lt Gen Sanjeev Anand, General Officer Commanding, Chetak Corps briefed General Singh on the training aspects, new concepts of warfare being tried and the conduct of the exercise.
At last Friday's talks, the statement said, the two sides ''verbally exchanged proposals for conducting General Officer Talks where the parties could discuss the formation of a group to jointly assess the circumstances and evidence pertaining to the sinking of'' a South Korean warship in March.
In the future, MTMC's general officer at Fort Eustis will serve as both Deputy Commanding General and Director of Operations.

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