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Generic programming services in the area of client-side web technologies (PHP, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5) as well as bug fixes for existing content, well structured and documented coding solutions are urgently required 2.
From Mathematics to Generic Programming comes from a software designer and his colleague who survey the basics of generic programming and the math it's based upon, providing chapters that introduce abstract algebra and connect number theory with programming basics.
Genlcam is also supported on the SCSeries Camera Packs to provide a generic programming interface for all types of cameras.
The USB3 Vision standard, built on the GenICam generic programming interface, offers features such as bandwidth higher than 350 MB/s, a plug-and-play interface, and support for power and data up to five meters over a passive cable or even greater distances over an active cable.
The Algorithmic Bioinformatics group at the Freie Universitat Berlin presents their open source C++ template library of data types and algorithms for sequence analysis, and explain its implementation of generic programming, template subclassing, global interfaces, and metafunctions.
GenICam protocol for a generic programming interface and third-party software compatibility, including IMAQ Vision and Common Vision Box.
Don't think: Watching such blandly generic programming, you'll agree with the character in the premiere who observes, ``There's no God and life has no meaning.
Interra Systems, a leading provider of software building blocks for the electronic design automation industry, today announced the availability of next generation, type-safe Generic Programming Interface for its EDA front-end Analyzers.
From swing-based user interface components to generic programming and graphics, collections and event handling and interface features, this is a 'must' for any serious Java reference library and those looking for a clear update on the Java SE 7 code.
While focus is mainly on generic programming techniques, there is also coverage of specific application frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails and GUI libraries, and discussion of best practices.
A generic programming interface, Baumer-GAPI, facilitates the camera's integration into an application, and SDK software provides camera control and development.
The 136 solutions to commons problems address string processing, mathematics, dates and times, document traversal, XML queries, HTML, scalable vector graphics, code generation, debugging, and generic programming.
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