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see jinnijinni
, feminine jinniyah
, plural jinn
, in Arabic and Islamic folklore, spirit or demon endowed with supernatural power. In ancient belief the jinn were associated with the destructive forces of nature.
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1. (in fairy tales and stories) a servant who appears by magic and fulfils a person's wishes
2. another word for jinni


An online information and bulletin board service that closed its doors at the end of 1999, much to the dismay of its many users, some of whom were still chatting when the plug was pulled. Genie (General Electric Network for Information Exchange) was set up as a joint venture between GE and Ameritech in 1985, and in time was acquired by Yovelle Renaissance Corporation and then by IDT in the mid-1990s. Its roundtable discussions, chat lines, games and Internet access attracted a niche of science fiction aficionados as well as horror and fantasy writers. The growth of other online services affected Genie's traffic, which in those early days, peaked at some 400,000 users. See online service. See also Jini.
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failings outlined by the FCA - dating A back to the launch of Cash Genie in September 2009 - included loans being refinanced or rolled over without customers' request or consent and without undertaking appropriate checks.
Lot No: 5 Lot title: Travaux de genie civil dans la region de Wallonie Picarde
The investment in Genie has come through the Mayor's Revolving Fund, which gives recoverable loans to fund new forms of affordable housing.
I used eSign Genie and it took just minutes for me to get it signed and to send it to a prospective client.
For the best user experience, e-hailing at McCarran using Ride Genie will be available for use by passengers once they reach the baggage claim area, enabling them to be picked up right outside the door of their terminal.
With musicians covering all eras and genres, and entertainment acts in general spanning a huge spectrum, Party Genie have burst onto the entertainments scene.
We have big ambitions for Genie and have already seen 23 families move into new homes since launching in October 2011.
Genie was always ready to slip into her role as nurse with her friends.
George and Irene could only agree, and Irene and the genie went upstairs.
Julia Smith with a selection of Greetings Genie cards and a celebration cake made especially for the launch.
A wonderfully realized sub-plot is Aminah's growing relationship with the genie, a grumpy, selfish being who slowly is won over by Aminah's goodness.
En effet, des activites avec les autres promotions seront organisees afin de creer un climat plus familial entre les differentes personnes du programme de genie chimique ici a Sherbrooke.