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gobiensis, and gradually narrows towards the rami cingulum; the opening of the genital orifice is located in a concavity (Fig.
gobiensis are more elongated and the rami of cingulum is much wider; the opening of the genital orifice is located in the middle of a wide depression (Fig.
A spermatophore or a sperm droplet is deposited by a male on the ground and subsequently picked up with his chelicerae and transferred to the genital orifice of the female.
Men may find that hard to believe - given that gay men practise anal sex - but it's one thing to engage in sex where there's only one available genital orifice for penetration, and quite another where there are two, particularly where one, the vagina, is designed to accommodate an erect penis and the other, the rectum, is not.
The female nude is omnipresent in Western art, but the representation of a woman with her genital orifice displayed is exceedingly rare.
A typical mating episode involves two individuals touching each other with their genital orifices.