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Brit History a man of gentle birth, who was entitled to bear arms, ranking above a yeoman in social position



(Russian, dzhentl’men). (1) A man of “well-born” origins, a nobleman. This usage is now considered obsolete.

(2) In Great Britain and other English-speaking countries, a man who strictly adheres to the bourgeois “society” rules of behavior and observes so-called good form.

(3) A polite form of address to men in English-speaking countries. In the figurative sense a gentleman is a man who has been well brought up.

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Novelist and former second lieutenant in the Brigade of Guards Tom Stacey says gentlemanly principles are timeless.
So I was feeling very embarrassed and not gentlemanly at all this week because it's just not my style.
I believed if we had lost to Derby, he would have done the gentlemanly thing and resigned, however we won and were one point from the top of the league.
ly/U5v2n >TWEET OF THE WEEK I think this Will Buckley guy should apologise to @aggerscricket, he was nothing but gentlemanly to me during our interview.
Well, gentlemanly behavior never goes un-rewarded on my watch, so I'd like to return the favor.
THE Fly on the Wall thought the invitation-only Derby Club, which meets for an evening's entertainment that includes auctioning horses in tomorrow's Classic, was the last bastion of gentlemanly good behaviour - until Wednesday night.
THE good news is that handsome Nathaniel Parker returns as the gentlemanly Inspector Lynley in another two episodes of the drama.
Men often treat the tuxedo as an obligation or uniform, but a man is the epitome of gentlemanly style when he has on a tailored tuxedo.
It was the first Super Bowl ever led by two black NFL coaches, the first ever won by a black coach, Indianapolis' gentlemanly Tony Dungy.
Rivera's career, it is a loss to the beleaguered sport of boxing, which he represents so well with his gentlemanly, unassuming manner and tremendous work ethic.
At the end of their gentlemanly correspondence, Bad Religion's Greg Graffin has not radically rewritten his atheistic worldview.
Her suffering contrasts sharply with William's secret diary, an unemotional record, written in a coded script, of gentlemanly activities.