gentlemen's agreement

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gentlemen's agreement,

in U.S. history, an agreement between the United States and Japan in 1907 that Japan should stop the emigration of its laborers to the United States and that the United States should stop discrimination against Japanese living in the United States. This agreement was ended in 1924 by the act of Congress excluding immigration from Japan, as immigration from China had been previously excluded.
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But he came down here on trial, people got wind of it, other clubs showed an interest and our gentlemen's agreement seems no longer to be a gentlemen's agreement.
It seems that five investors in their Home Bancshares venture didn't abide by something of a gentlemen's agreement.
P'We've had a gentlemen's agreement but next week I'm going to sign a three-year deal with Adrian,' he said.
Even if it were in Congress' power to grant a retroactive immunity--and this is a murky and open question--the implementation of such a gentlemen's agreement is still subject to the sway of politics.
He abhorred the gentlemen's agreement of the British scientific societies, established during the civil wars of the seventeenth century to avoid sectarian conflict, which dictated that one member's claims would not be publicly disputed by another member.
Pei has already worked out a gentlemen's agreement with the Javits Center to yield to their availability.