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the rehabilitation and settlement of decaying urban areas by middle- and high-income people. Beginning in the 1970s and 80s, higher-income professionals, drawn by low-cost housing and easier access to downtown business areas, renovated deteriorating buildings in many cities, reversing what had been an outmigration of upper-income families and individuals from many urban areas. This led to the rebirth of some neighborhoods and a rise in property values, but it also caused displacement problems among poorer residents, many of them elderly and unable to afford higher rents and taxes.


English term for the process by which young professionals (gentry) buy into inner-city areas as part of a neighborhood preservation trend.


the renovation and upgrading of buildings, either by programmes of planned urban regeneration or as a result of purchasing decisions made by higher-earning, white-collar, professional and managerial individuals intent on modernizing cheap, dilapidated property in previously unfashionable urban areas. Whether gentrification is planned or unplanned, the poorer sections of the community are often displaced or their needs discounted. The process is also sometimes known as urban recycling.


The upgrading of urban property in a deteriorated area, usually resulting in the dispersal of the current residents and their replacement by a more affluent population.
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There is much debate as to the value of a gentrified neighborhood, where higher income households displace lower income residents, often changing the character and flavor of the neighborhood.
But she is also quick to add: "I used to think Uptown was a place that would never become gentrified, but that is not the case.
Neighborhood being gentrified with new construction high-rise just steps away from store's door.
Many Cotswolds pubs are gentrified past recognition but a mile from Stow, in Lower Swell, The Golden Ball marches to the beat of an older drum.
The Carlton Mews Project was an example of our company moving quickly to secure an off market transaction that was a direct deal and institutionally owned," said Freud "We believe that by acquiring and disposing of assets in already gentrified areas of Brooklyn, we will be able to stay relevant in the real estate marketplace until the larger economy improves.
Livery car drivers argue that the highly regulated yellow cab system leaves the poorer, mostly black and Hispanic residents of the outer boroughs without street cab services and that yellow cab drivers frequently refuse (illegally) to take customers anywhere other than Manhattan and the nearby, newly gentrified neighborhoods of Brooklyn.
Football crowds used to look and feel more like darts crowds, until they were similarly gentrified.
The Galata and the nearby Galata Bridge areas have been gentrified and are home to fish restaurants, cafes and boutiques.
Mountain, ocean and Urbanized, gentrified, petrified forest A kingdom of
Furthermore, interesting patterns emerge when I compare changes in the credit scores of the residents of neighborhoods that gentrified to those that did not gentrify, based upon whether the residents had a mortgage in 2001.
Set in an endless French summer of rolling hills, featuring a chivalrous SS officer and with just a few too many Home Counties accents for comfort, never has the conflict been so thoroughly gentrified.
Before Disney gentrified Times Square, Hollywood's Others performed at the Show Palace, Show World, the Follies, and Magique.