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Software from CoreOS, Inc., San Francisco, www.tectonic.com, for deploying and running containers (OS virtualization) on clusters of servers. It uses the CoreOS operating system, Docker containers and the Kubernetes cluster architecture. See CoreOS, Docker, Kubernetes and OS virtualization.


Of or pertaining to building or construction; architectural.
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The geotectonic setting during the onset of volcanism in the Svaty Jan Volcanic Centre could be characterized on the basis of geochemistry and well-documented existence of the Neoproterozoic crust (Dorr et al.
A, 1996 Geochemistry and geotectonic setting of Precambrian amphibolites and granitic gneisses in the Jebba Area, Southwestern Nigeria.
Over and above core exploration management and ore body evaluation skills, Phil has an ongoing passion for unravelling the Geotectonic setting of mineral provinces endowed in gold mineralisation.

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