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Dr Johnson said: "Within our new theory of evolution pluripotency came first and so germ plasm would have to have evolved independently several times in species within the branches of the tree, for example in frogs and many fish.
This corporation sells its own GM seeds, but also licenses its technologies to thousands of other smaller seed companies, resulting in the proliferation of their germ plasm.
about germ plasm became American scientific orthodoxy, its implications
The question becomes whether the damage that has been perpetuated upon the environment through the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals causes more damage to the environment than the narrowing of the germ plasm through the development of GMFs.
For example, animal germ plasm has to be chilled quickly, at a rate of 20[degrees]C to 40[degrees]C per minute, or roughly 10 times as fast as the rate for plant material.
Among these are a Brazilian geneticist, a French beef marketeer, potential EU beef and germ plasm importers and up to 20 overseas journalists - all of whom are expected to take back positive information on developments within the UK beef industry back to their own countries.
They went from people in deep distress, deserving of human sympathy and aid, to diseased carriers of inferior germ plasm who needed to be strictly and forcibly segregated from normal folk, prevented from reproducing, and perhaps even wiped out for everybody's good.
As a result, the opportunity to study germ plasm from other sources has gained in importance.
These new practices, combined with corporate fearfulness of legal entanglements, have virtually halted the free flow of both the germ plasm necessary for crop development and the information critical to research for the hungry.
Germans beat Anglo-Americans to the discovery that second-hand smoke was a threat to health and, in their worries over harm to the nation's germ plasm, highlighted what today is called "fetal alcohol syndrome.
We know now that the pool of human germ plasm is continually being changed by gene mutation, and that the natural process of removing deleterious genes from it in order to preserve its integrity involves much human suffering.