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Johnson and his colleagues suggest that the evolution of germ plasm liberates the soma of an organism to evolve more rapidly, simply because the embryo doesn't need to induce germ cells - they are already there because of germ plasm.
Hoffmann, for instance, reports that there is a growing interest in screening germ plasm for disease.
Thus abilities that have not yet been incorporated into the germ plasm are not lost until their rediscovery by members of following generations, but instead are handed on from person to person, from generation to generation.
The SDW variable, which serves as a proxy for the impact of foreign germ plasm on diversity, brings in new sources of diversity.
There are very few people who have the scope of experience that Michael has in directing science in this sector, in moving traits into germ plasm, getting them tested and commercialized," said Mich Hein, president and CEO of Chromatin.
The university for its pioneering effort in setting up the national apple germ plasm repository at its Bhaderwah campus.
Pakistani scientists are painstakingly testing thousands of samples of cotton germ plasm to find a high-yielding cotton seed variety that provides protection from CLCV.
However, "it keeps trees alive, preserving valuable germ plasm," says Anagnostakis.
Department of Agriculture's National Rice Germ Plasm Evaluation and Enhancement Center, blossomed near Stuttgart.
Ever since 1893, when August Weismann formulated his theory of the continuity of all life through the germ plasm, it has been universally recognized that the beginning of life dates back to the very origin of life on earth.
By testing the value of the pre-adaptation qualities to stress, we also add to our understanding of how germ plasm adapts over time, he says.
1 Importation Procedure and Supervision over Import of Dairy Cattle and Germ Plasm 53