germ warfare

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germ warfare:

see biological warfarebiological warfare,
employment in war of microorganisms to injure or destroy people, animals, or crops; also called germ or bacteriological warfare. Limited attempts have been made in the past to spread disease among the enemy; e.g.
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Japan must face its wartime atrocities and apologize for what it has done,'' said Wu Kun, 79, a survivor of germ warfare from Henan Province in central China, who now lives in Hong Kong.
Al-Najjar claimed that bin Laden was quite open in his operations, attempting to buy germ warfare agents including anthrax, e-coli and salmonella.
But army experts who tested the sample said the anthrax used could be treated with antibiotics, unlike drug-resistant strains developed for germ warfare.
They fear Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein could unleash devastating germ warfare on the West to get revenge for the Gulf War.
Left to his own advice, Bryant would have been out there on the Forum floor Friday night, practicing germ warfare against SuperSonics guard Gary Payton.
Germ warfare tests have been secretly carried out on British people, it was revealed last night.
Cheltenham racecourse managing director Edward Gillespie said yesterday: "With the perceived threat from germ warfare we have been told by the emergency services that some new equipment will available.
A lawyer and a representative of a group of Chinese plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Japanese government over germ warfare conducted during World War II expressed hope Thursday for Tokyo to admit to the facts of the warfare and apologize before the ruling is rendered next Tuesday.
With germ warfare panic sweeping the world, we would be foolish if we were not on the alert.
The resultant media coverage was entirely predictable, followed by a run on gasmasks that would almost certainly prove entirely useless should germ warfare ever hit these shores.
The organisation called on governments to speed up their preparations for possible germ warfare attacks in the wake of the terror attacks on the US.