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This would then become an area school serving the town plus the villages of Borth y Gest and Morfa Bychan.
A 55-year-old bag of bling, bones and botox, Gest is a walking cautionary tale of the excesses of life at the farther reaches of the celebrity alphabet.
The two were introduced to each other by Jackson when Gest, a producer and promoter, produced Jackson's 30th anniversary tribute concert for television.
The Radio 1 DJ, whose breakfast show pulls in more than seven millions listeners, was infuriated when Grease Is The Word judge Gest missed his slot on air.
Gest said he was angry about the influence of mysterious Lebanese doctor Tohme R Tohme, who met the King of Pop when the singer was staying in Bahrain in 2005.
IT'S third time lucky for David Gest, who, fingers crossed, seems on target to finally stage his "musical concert extravaganza" about his own life in Liverpool this weekend.
Insider caught up with the pair at artist Anthony Brown''s studio in Wirral where showbiz impresario David Gest was viewing the Jimi Hendrix painting he has commissioned Anthony to make for him.
Instead of avoiding bad schools, let's make them good schools so we don't have to have choice,'' Gest said after the meeting.
Minnelli says in the legal action - filed less than a month after Gest sued her for pounds 6m for allegedly beating him up in drink-fuelled rages - that problems with her husband started almost immediately after they married in March 2002.
Producer David Gest has been besieged by press since the announcement in the New York Post on October 1, 2004 that "M'Hammed Soumayah, Minnelli's former long-time chauffer, confidant and companion, has quietly filed suit against the Oscar winner, claiming she repeatedly attacked him in alcohol-fueled rampages, a knowledgeable source told The Post.
Liza, 57, wed producer Gest just 16 months ago at a lavish ceremony in New York.
DAVID Gest became the first celebrity voted by viewers to undergo a Bushtucker Trial as the sixth series of ITV's jungle reality show I'm A Celebrity .