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The ISM further assumes that a more viable transmission of tradition across generations will likely occur with actualization than with ghettoization (cf.
In other words, they risk ghettoization of their beloved sport (Messner, 2002).
Freirich, in a statement in the USA on Sunday, said erection of this concrete wall in Baia Mare town was an attempt at ghettoization, humiliation, degrading and segregation of Roma.
Muslims face discrimination in the job and housing markets, and Muslim ghettoization is increasing in northeastern and western India.
I was also disenchanted with both operatic institutions and the ghettoization of early music.
They may be citizens of the state, but what's the use of citizenship when ghettoization, drug-abuse and self-destruction define their everyday lives.
Instead of looking for a pan-European solution, the summit in Paris will contribute to the complete ghettoization of the Bulgarian Roma, media fears.
Ryan's analysis of selected Canadian newspapers showed "comfort" with increasing diversity, but also the critics' concerns: ghettoization, dual loyalties, cultural relativism, disdain for the cultural majority and failure to promote Canadian identity.
Blauner differentiated between the ghettoization of white ethnics as voluntary while the ghettoization of blacks and other "colonized minorities" was involuntary.
In both scholarly and activist accounts of lesbian culture, commodification, and the closely related phenomenon of ghettoization, have been seen as primarily masculine phenomena, or, where they can be seen to have affected lesbian subcultures, as masculine impositions upon women.
Yet in the most critical period for Romanian Jews, the period between the two world wars, when the ghettoization and the tragedy of the corresponding Nazi persecutions took place, the Jewish ghetto produced a sudden and unexpected resurrection of freedom.
Ghettoization of broad areas of thought and practice and the emergence of power mongers forged in the image of the modernist 'strong critic' are conceivable and perhaps even inevitable consequences of such a path.