giant African land snail

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giant African land snail,

any of several species of large terrestrial snailssnail,
name commonly used for a gastropod mollusk with a shell. Included in the thousands of species are terrestrial, freshwater, and marine forms. Some eat both plant and animal matter; others eat only one type of food.
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 of tropical Africa that have become agricultural pests in other regions of the world. The species include the giant African snail (Lissachatina fulica, formerly Achatina fulica) of E Africa and the giant Ghana tiger snail (A. achatina), the banana rasp snail (Archachatina marginata), and the Nigerian land snail (Limicolaria aurora) of W Africa. Several of the species may reach 8 in. (20 cm) in length and have shells that are brownish with yellowish vertical stripes; the smaller Nigerian land snail is only 2.5 in. (6 cm) long and has whitish stripes. The snails have become widespread in the Indo-Pacific region and are also found in parts of the Caribbean and Central and South America; Florida has suffered several infestations. The giant African snail is an especially damaging pest to a wide range of plants, and also can damage plaster and stucco on buildings. The snails also may carry parasitic nematodes that can cause meningitis in humans. Giant African land snails are classified in the phylum MolluscaMollusca
, taxonomic name for the one of the largest phyla of invertebrate animals (Arthropoda is the largest) comprising more than 50,000 living mollusk species and about 35,000 fossil species dating back to the Cambrian period.
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, class Gastropoda, family Achatinidae.
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1] in their investigations on the Giant African land snail Archachatina marginata, noticed a significant decline by 35,6% at the end of 6 weeks aestivation; whereas an increase of about 57,7% by the end of 6 weeks post-aestivation.
Rat lungworm confirmed in giant African land snail sample collected in Miami-Dade County.
For example, the giant African land snail, Archchatina marginata, a delicacy and source of protein for the humans in the region, used to be very abundant in the past but is now becoming rare in many parts of southern Nigeria as a result of habitat destruction and degradation (Segun 1975; Ajayi et al.
com)-- As the giant African land snail invades southern Florida, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) is recommending that residents use Niban[R] Granular Bait (source: http://www.
POSING PETS: Dot, Bracket, Baloo, Jess and Splash in Arley Woods; left, border terrier Lily HANDY SIZE: Pink Chris, a Giant African land snail
The giant African land snail is truly a king among snails , - it is the largest known gastropod.
Socio-Cultural and Traditional Medicinal Value of The Giant African Land Snail (Archachatina marginata) in Southern Nigeria.
There are plenty of friendly animal encounters, including the chance to feed some of the free range Somali sheep, pygmy goats and Cameroon sheep; while the village keeper does themed talks to accompany timed animal feeding demonstrations, and introduces other small animals, such as the giant African land snail or pygmy hedgehog.
double dagger]) Common name, giant African land snail.
They got to see geckos, bearded dragons, pythons, hedgehogs, stick insects, a giant African land snail, a barn owl and even a Eurasian eagle owl
It has now added two grass snakes to its list which began in August 2011 with "Colin," a Giant African Land Snail.