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A discrete nodular lesion of inflammatory tissue in which granulation is significant.



a focal growth of inflammatory origin in the cells of young connective tissue in the form of a small node.

Granuloma develops in connection with various (most often infectious) processes (tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy, brucellosis, tularemia, actinomycosis), with collagenic diseases (such as rheumatism), and at the sites of entry of foreign bodies. Certain granulomas have more specific names, such as the tubercle in tuberculosis and the gumma in syphilis.

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Giant cell reparative granuloma is a benign lesion with limited growth potential, usually treated with simple curettage.
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Solid variantofaneurysmalbonecystsin long tubular bones: giant cell reparative granuloma.
They found p63 overexpression in roughly 70% of giant cell tumors of bone, 20% of chondroblastomas, and 4% of aneurysmal bone cysts, but none in any of the giant cell reparative granulomas or tenosynovial giant cell tumors/pigmented villonodular synovitides.
The 2 previous studies did not show evidence of p63 overexpression in cases of tenosynovial giant cell tumors, giant cell reparative granulomas, or pigmented villonodular synovitides, and the degree of p63 expression in aneurysmal bone cysts and chondroblastomas was significantly lower.
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