giant order

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colossal order, giant order

An order more than one story in height.
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The giant order will be supplied by Ansell, one of the official Olympic sponsors.
The aqueducts around the central space give it much stronger definition, looking almost like a series of giant order columns supporting a thin entablature.
The architects were presented with a weird plan, shaped like the end of a golf club, and interrupted by the giant order of the building crashing through it.
The giant order of the fenestration gives rise to very deep reveals, which powerfully articulate the elevations.
The overhanging plate of roof comes through unbroken, supported by a giant order of columns to make a three-storey portico.
As with all traditional Japanese buildings, Salter's design exhibits a hierarchy of grids, from the giant order of 12m spans, through the secondary timber frame based on a 3.
We had participants eating small servings of the fast-food products, not giant orders of burgers and fries.
The government was investing in utility housing for a post-war baby boom and filling homes with giant orders of dependable wooden furniture.
One of Sequent's problems is that last year's giant orders from the Boeing Company have now all but dried up, making year-on-year comparisons look very bad.