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A removable plate designed to hold other parts in place or act as a bearing or wear surface.
(mining engineering)
A temporary support at the face to prevent coal from falling before the cut is complete, either by hand or by machine.
A prop put in the holing of a seam while being undercut.
A piece of metal often used in the same hole with a wedge-shaped key for holding pieces together.


1. A steel strap used to clasp two members together.
2. Same as gib or jib door.


A backseat pilot or navigator in a two-seat tandem aircraft. Also called GIB, or guy in back.
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Relatives of Mr Gibbings, known as John, said: ``John's death is a sad loss and he will be sadly missed by his family.
According to Gibbings, one of the newest designs in quick change technology for drilling is known as the Morris SDH System.
John Gibbings,Emma Procter and Martin Connop,described by Gwent Police as ``friends or associates'',died after being hit by a purple Ford Maverick 4x4 walking in Five Locks Road,Pontnewydda.
A fascinating story is that of the woodcuts executed by Robert Gibbings for The Charm of Birds (London, [1927]).
And we took the opportunity to recognize Lynne Gibbings, who had served as Director of Education for the past 3 years, and Sharon Bukoski, who had served as Central/Western Region President for the past 3 years.
is a unique experience in many respects, not least in our mutual commitment to achieve the demanding business objectives of the project," said Aine Gibbings, Unisys Publishing Program Manager for Iberia.
Fort Dunlop was originally designed by Sidney Stott and WW Gibbings in the 1920s.
Using methods designed by Willms and Shields (1996) for the Canadian National Longitudinal Study of Children and Youth (NLSCY), Blakemore, Strazdins and Gibbings (2009) developed a measure of Socio-economic Position (SEP) by combining annual family income, parents' highest educational attainment and occupational status.
James Kendal lost his singles 2/6 and Luis Van Hoof lost 4/6 but wins for Gorge Gibbings (6/2) and Alex Platts (6/2) meant the sides went into the doubles all square.
One advantage of using the smart cloud, Gibbings wrote, is that it lessens the risk that the asteroid would break up into smaller but still-deadly pieces.
He has been sent to Symonds by Sir Peter and Lady Gibbings to help get the rookie off the starting blocks.
Fort Dunlop was originally designed in the 1920s by Sidney Scott and WW Gibbings as a car tyre warehouse.