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A removable plate designed to hold other parts in place or act as a bearing or wear surface.
(mining engineering)
A temporary support at the face to prevent coal from falling before the cut is complete, either by hand or by machine.
A prop put in the holing of a seam while being undercut.
A piece of metal often used in the same hole with a wedge-shaped key for holding pieces together.


1. A steel strap used to clasp two members together.
2. Same as gib or jib door.


A backseat pilot or navigator in a two-seat tandem aircraft. Also called GIB, or guy in back.
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Prior to development of SDH technology," Gibbings says, "all of the quick-change systems captured the quick-change tool holder by putting an adapter over the machine spindle.
Egglescliffe turned the screw in the doubles, with Kendal and Gibbings winning 6/3 and a 7/5 win for Platts and Van Hoof.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, July 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Bruce Gibbings, 59, shares his enthusiasm for Alaska and the 26th National Veteran Wheelchair Games as he lines up for the 4th of July Parade in Anchorage, Alaska, with 550 of his fellow veteran wheelchair athletes.
Emma Proctor, Martin Connop and John Gibbings died after they were run over by a 4x4 on April 14.
William Gibbings, 37, and Martin Connop, 31, both of Pontnewydd, were dead on arrival at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport.
Sharon Bukoski, retiring Central/Western Regional President received a pin, and Lynne Gibbings, retiring Director of Education received a carved wooden clock for their years of service.
The roll-call includes Douglas Percy Bliss, Simon Brett (9 books), John Buckland Wright (10 books), Peter Forster, Robert Gibbings, Derrick Harris, Joan Hassall (i8 books), Blair Hughes Stanton, Frank Martin, Peter Reddick (35 books), Mark Severin, Richard Shirley Smith, and Reynolds Stone.
George Gibbings won 6-1, Tom Marsden won 6-1, Alex Platts won 6-3 and Van Hoof won 6-1.
Accordingtojodie 4g Accordion - Le Fiamma Sir Peter and Lady Gibbings 1(bumper form) Racing Post Rating: 114b A good looking new recruit.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- Santa Barbara visitors and locals can take an inside look at the art of fine jewelry production from raw material to handcrafted finish when designer Daniel Gibbings opens his newest studio and showroom.
The father of three was sceptical but decided it might be worth a go so visited Bowen practitioner Penny Gibbings.