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see vertigovertigo
, sensations of moving in space or of objects moving about a person and the resultant difficulty in maintaining equilibrium. True vertigo, as distinguished from faintness, lightheadedness, and other forms of dizziness, occurs as a result of a disturbance of some part of
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Discontinue reading if any of the following occur: itching, aching, dizziness, ringing in ears, vomiting, giddiness, auditory or visual hallucinations, loss of balance, slurred speech, blindness, drowsiness, insomnia, profuse sweating, shivering, or heart palpitations.
Liberated from the pathos of modernity and the effusive giddiness of party culture, art could certainly have consequences once more.
99) notes tetrahydrocannabinol's (THC's) side effects of "sedation, giddiness, and paranoia" and then states that a new drug, AM1241, alleviates pain "without the side effects" of the marijuana ingredient.
Much of this writing was against the grain of earlier imperial and colonial studies, first the emphasis on politics and institutional histories and then, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s as the giddiness of decolonization turned into the postcolonial blues, a concentration on economic change and stagnation.
That "irrational exuberance" of the late '90s was, in fact, the giddiness of hypoglycemia induced by a diet of boutique muffins and $5-a-loaf "artisan bread.
If Vargas Llosa does not share the apparent naivete of his former socialist comrades-in-arms about the future of Latin America (and this despite the recent liberalization of many Latin American regimes in the 1980s and '90s), it is perhaps due to his conviction that the region has more than once before experienced the giddiness that comes with a seeming liberation from the weight of historically outmoded despotisms.
headlong into downright giddiness was at the press presentation at which Rearden Steel Technologies uncloaked itself and displayed for the first time in its underlying MoxiDigital incarnation.
Making an accurate clinical diagnosis of cerebellopontine angle involvement is not necessarily a straightforward process because patients who undergo radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma often develop hearing loss and giddiness as a delayed effect of the treatment itself on the inner ear.
Sick-building syndrome includes headaches, giddiness and nausea, and is caused by exposure to formaldehyde and other pollutants inside airtight buildings.
I've always wanted to go to The New York Times," said one long-time reporter, summing up the moment's general giddiness, "and now The New York Times is coming to me.
Instead of the dance-loving Giselle suffering from her usual giddiness and heart murmurs, Comelin gives the couple an intimate moment together in which Albrecht persistently demands a kiss from Giselle--and finally gets it.
Symptoms of heat exhaustion include weakness, heavier sweating, nausea, and giddiness.