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gemel, chymol, gimmer, gymmer, jimmer

Two corresponding elements of construction considered as a pair.
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Pure Texel Gimmers -PS1200, PS1150, PS950, PS680, PS550, PS500 (x2), PS420 & PS380 Continental & Cross Bred Rams Another good show of crossbred tups at Hexham with bare skin and muscle selling to a rapid rate.
To spend an afternoon sorting your gimmer (female) lambs into keepers and ones to sell, only for someone to leave a gate open and them all muddle up again, is frustrating.
The former shepherd has been with the Mart for 20 years and hopes the show will shed light on the workings of Thainstone for those who have a no idea what a gimmer (a year-and-a-half-old sheep ready for breeding), a wedder (castrated lamb) and a broken-mouthed ewe (older ewe with missing teeth) are.
Prize Show Results 10 Mule Gimmers ex Blackface Ewe NRL 1st Branton East Side, 2nd Lowes Fell.
One of the key dates of the breeding sale calendar is the sale for Half Bred, Scotch Mule, Suffolk x and Continental x gimmer shearlings and stock ewes on August 30.
MOST of this week was spent in the pens sorting which of our Swaledale gimmer hoggs (young females) we'll keep as replacements and which older yows we'll sell.
Apparently, shoo's dooin' some sooart o' project at schooil an' shoo's collectin' information fra owd gimmers lahke us.
We were pleased with the prices our mule gimmers fetched at the auction on Tuesday.
4 year old - PS85 & PS76 Dyke Nook 4/5 - Lilswood 5 year old - PS91 Wolf Hills, PS87 Westburnhope, PS81 Ouston, PS80Low Bleakhope, PS75 Sundaysight (x2), PS74 Wolf Hills, PS73 Ouston, PS72 Wolfhills & Westburnhope (x2), PS70 Pry Hill 6 year old - PS70 The Raw Cheviot Ewes & Gimmers The annual Draft Cheviot Ewe consignments from the various hefts of FT Walton were forward.
I now know that farmers mean when they talk about stirks, gimmers, hoggets and gilts.
A total of 1789 gimmers and ewes were easily cashed with quality and size similar to last year's high rates, smaller, commercial types a touch easier.