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gemel, chymol, gimmer, gymmer, jimmer

Two corresponding elements of construction considered as a pair.
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Twilight averages: Plasucha gimmers (5) av PS3,066; Loosebeare gimmers (6) av PS770; Llangwm gimmers (2) av PS525; Procters gimmers (9) av PS1,195.
Their sale leader was a Strathbogie Untouchable gimmer that had stood second at the Highland and reserve champion at Turriff.
Park Gimmers - PS550, PS340, PS300, PS280 Carruthers Farm, PS400, PS360 Nun Cote Nook Farm, PS280 Whitehouse, PS250, PS240, PS200, PS180 Wester Dunnet, PS240 Preston Mains Farm, PS220, PS205 (x3) Dalmakether Farm, PS220, PS215 Little Berrierwood Farm, PS190, PS162, PS140 Longburgh Fauld, PS180 (x2), PS170, PS155, PS140 Shoestanes, PS165, PS150 Dun-Mor, PS160, PS155 Preston Mains Farm, PS150 Whitstonehill.
Mr Crighton said: "These gimmers have shape, size and skins and I would have great confidence they will go on and perform for prospective buyers.
The Strathisla Suffolk flock, including gimmers, pictured, will be sold at >Harrison and Hetherington's Borderway Mart on November 29
FINE STOCK Six homebred gimmers entered for Carlisle Sale
The classes will include Texel shearling tups, a class of Texel gimmers and a class of Texel ewes and lambs.
The event, at the town's mart, is organised by the Blackface Sheep Breeders' Association and has four classes for North of England Type Blackface; ewes, gimmers, ewe hoggs and tup hoggs.
A mixed show throughout sold well, highlights including Suffolk x halfbred inlamb gimmers to pounds 140 from Grayingham Lodge.
ACKLINGTON SEPTEMBER 22 North East Livestock Annual Show and Sale of Breeding Sheep sponsored by Willis of Alnwick sold 2,353 comprising 121 rams, 668 gimmers, 638 ewes, 415 ewe lambs and 511 store lambs.
Mr Delves also paid 2,000gns for a Stonehills gimmer out of a dam by Procters Rooney, and bought half of the 2,600gns shearling ram Strathbogie Whopper from Jim Innes.
50 High Lovelady Shield, PS58 Demense, PS56 Sleetbeck, PS56 Faugh Beeches, Charmoise PS56 Middle Gill Kerry Hill PS50 (x2), PS45 Herdwick PS50 Woodend Farm, PS47 Middle Gill, PS47 Penny Hill Jacob PS50, PS44, PS43 Ellonby Road, PS47 Housenrigg, Swaledale PS42 Cross Keyes BREEDING SHEEP - MULE SHEARLING GIMMER SHOW & SALE On Monday, September 7, Borderway Mart held their annual show and sale of Mule gimmer shearlings and other breeds of shearlings.