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Ornamental cord made of various materials, often with a wire, and sometimes with a coarse cord, running through it.
Cord used to outline the design in lace.
A braid or tape used to hide upholstery tacks in places where the covering fabric is attached to exposed woodwork.


(GNU Image Manipulation Program) An open source paint and image editing program for Unix, X Window, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows that originated as an undergraduate project by Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball at the University of California, Berkeley. Numerous programmers have contributed to the project, turning GIMP into a serious image manipulation tool that supports layers, alpha channels, third-party plug-ins and three scripting languages. Using Python, Perl or Script-Fu scripts, GIMP can be used for batch processing and the automation of tasks such as the interpolation of frames for animation sequences.

The GIMP source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). For more information, visit and, the latter providing the content of the book, "Grokking the GIMP" by Carey Bunks.

GIMP In Action
GIMP provides sophisticated paint and editing functions as is evident in these various dialogs and palettes. (Image courtesy of Carey Bunks,
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It is the ideal dog for a gimpy, aging hunter (trust me, I know this firsthand).
Second, they found out their much-maligned bullpen, which consists of a closer with a history of inconsistency, a setup man with a historically gimpy arm and at least a couple of guys without much history at all, just might be up to this challenge after all.
IT DOESN'T matter if you're a crocked rocker, a gimpy screen god or a sovereign with a sair leg.
If the chance arose, I would take the limping deer - Gimpy -- as one of my QDM harvests.
Most CF patients lack three DNA subunits in the gene and make a slightly gimpy CFTR protein lacking only one amino acid.
Sure, somebody has to take the blame for Peyton Manning's gimpy right ankle and his recent rash of fumbles, and the O-linemen have bull's-eyes squarely on their chests.
In Johnstone's absence, senior JC transfer Kyle Long played nearly the entire game at left tackle, despite looking a little gimpy himself on a heavily taped ankle.
The Oxford chin strokers have become masters of spin, releasing this album a day early with Thom Yorke's gimpy dance on YouTube setting media sites a-flutter last week.
In the end it was Pierce who did most of the heavy lifting, despite his gimpy knee, and taking home the Finals' Most Valuable Player trophy.
Amidst that cacophonous fury of fire and shell, imagine a 57-year old brigadier general with a gimpy leg striding up and down the beach with no regard for the hellish fury.
As for his philandering, now that he's 64 and has a gimpy leg he finds it's time to settle down.
Woods, who's managed to get around the golf course with a gimpy left leg, will view Mediate as though he's Phil Mickelson or any other player.