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Judge David Wynn Morgan was told there had been various methods for lifting the girders and the company had been at fault in not clearly identifying one which should be used every time.
He said he was sidestepping along girders beneath the road and river crossing which separates the village of Treforest from the valley town and stones were thrown at him.
Caption: The gantry scheme proved its mettle during the first prestressed girder erection phase (eastbound structure, outer lanes).
The Girder and Panel building sets are powerful tools for teaching children the basic principles of designing structures, cantilevers and bridges, and fluid dynamics," says Paul Flack.
The resulting word girder is given above to the right.
At the time of the accident, the workers were attempting to remove the temporary girder, which was no longer needed because the permanent girder was put in place in May.
The authority will bring in the cranes over a period of about two weeks, and plan to take down three temporary girders one by one, they said.
Westbound traffic will remain on the existing steel plate girder bridge.
Joining Coreslab Structures with donation of equipment, materials and labor required for the girder testing were Jobe Materials (ready mixed for specimen bridge decks), BASF Admixture Systems, Bekaert, Dayton Superior Corp.
Moreover, the need for partial interaction design is essential when the top flange of girder cannot accommodate the number of shear connectors required for full interaction.
Newcastle Crown Court heard Mr Joyce was thrown nine metres (30ft) to the ground, and another girder also fell, knocking a 250kg beam off a crane on to Mr Joyce and killing him.
The basic load bearing capacity is primary aspect for PSC girder design associated with concrete compressive strength, tendon/strands strength, jacking force with a specific limitation of clearance.