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dejeanii girdle branches 4 x wider than those girdled by O.
These differences may be related to the size of the branches girdled and the volume of wood available to feed larvae.
Early success came with the identification by APHIS and Forest Service colleagues of several compounds emitted from the bark and leaves of girdled ash trees.
The site-girdling index, then, is an estimate of the ratio of circumference girdled by moose:total circumference.
I took it into school and my teacher took it to the museum where they confirmed that it was an Alien Girdled Snail.
Editor responds: The Inspiration Oak got its name in 1990 when someone girdled the massive, 500-year-old live oak with a chain saw.
Meilan is repairing the girdled trees with grafts, and the police and FBI are investigating the vandalism in Oregon and Washington.
This occurs when the tree has outgrown its container; girdled roots strangle the tree and do not provide an adequate support system when the tree is planted.
The stumps of culled trees can be prevented from sprouting if they are girdled and then treated with glyphosate (sold as Roundup by Monsanto).
The mutilated Alabama tree, girdled by a vandal with a chainsaw, is a southern live oak (Quercus virginiana), a species that seems to draw would-be killers (see AMERICAN October 1989 for the story of the poisoned Treaty Oak in Austin, Texas).