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The interference that arises when an attempt is made to place a telephone call just as an incoming call is arriving; in the case of data transmission under the control of a computer, this can render the line or even the computer temporarily inoperative.
Discomfort produced in an observer by one or more visible sources of light. Also known as discomfort glare.
Visual disability caused by visible sources or areas of luminance which are in an observer's field of view but do not assist in viewing. Also known as disability glare.
Dazzling brightness of the atmosphere, caused by excessive reflection and scattering of light by particles in the line of sight.


A state that reduces the ability to perceive the visual information needed for a particular activity. It arises when some parts of the visual field are much brighter than their surroundings.

blinding glare

So intense that for an appreciable length of time after it has been removed, no visual perception is possible.

discomfort glare

Glare that is distracting or uncomfortable, interfering with the perception of visual information required to satisfy biological needs, it does not significantly reduce the ability to see information needed for activities.

direct glare

Results from high luminances directly visible from a viewer’s position.

disability glare

Reduces the ability to perceive the visual information needed for a particular activity.

reflected glare

The reflection of incident light that partially or totally obscures the surface details by reducing the contrast on a surface.


The sensation produced by brightnesses within the visual field that are sufficiently greater than the luminance to which the eyes are adapted to cause annoyance, discomfort, or loss in visual performance and visibility.
References in classic literature ?
As for governesses, Miss Minora, I know what I am saying when I affirm that there is nothing more intolerable than to have to be polite, and even humble, to persons whose weaknesses and follies are glaringly apparent in every word they utter, and to be forced by the presence of children and employers to a dignity of manner in no way corresponding to one's feelings.
This is by openly, but not too glaringly, coquetting with Mr.
In the first alarm and anxiety arising from our sympathy with a sweet young friend, not wholly to be dissociated from one of the gladiators in the bloodless arena in question (the impropriety of Miss Reynolds's appearing to stab herself in the hand with a pin, is far too obvious, and too glaringly unladylike, to be pointed out), we descended from our maiden elevation to discuss this uncongenial and this unfit theme.
Well, congratulations to the Government for recognising that glaringly obvious fact.
But the rift it has caused between older and newer members was glaringly evident as the interior ministers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary voted against the plan at a meeting in Brussels, with Finland abstaining.
She's certainly very well turned out but - perhaps fittingly - it's glaringly obvious that her style's more Conservative than catwalk.
These may be glaringly obvious to you, but it really is worth spending a couple of weeks before you start your new healthy living regime listing what you eat, when and why.
James was glaringly incorrect in stating that Winchester's "Perfect Repeater" was "originally produced in 12 gauge" ("Gun Room," April 2015).
Ok, she's got a gig in a new TV show "Rihla" (Journey), but despite the fact that her part is glaringly similar to that of Hind Rustum in her film "Al Akh Al Kabeer" (The Big Brother) back in the 1950s, Ola Ghanem is adamantly deniying that she's imitating the late actress.
Have any of the brains of Birmingham City Council ever considered a glaringly obvious other reason for having to gleefully impose this pathetic 20mph millstone around the necks of the hitherto 95 per cent of careful and considerate motorists?
After the first six rounds of the Aviva Premiership what was glaringly obvious was our need to address our defensive issues, and we've taken steps to do that with the appointment of Rowland as defence coach," Burnell said.
But where the United States glaringly failed, the Russians likewise glaringly succeeded.