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, x-ray
a. electromagnetic radiation emitted when matter is bombarded with fast electrons. X-rays have wavelengths shorter than that of ultraviolet radiation, that is less than about 1 × 10--8 metres. They extend to indefinitely short wavelengths, but below about 1 × 10--11 metres they are often called gamma radiation
b. (as modifier): X-ray astronomy
2. a picture produced by exposing photographic film to X-rays: used in medicine as a diagnostic aid as parts of the body, such as bones, absorb X-rays and so appear as opaque areas on the picture

What does it mean when you dream about an X-ray?

Being X-rayed in a dream may signal wanting to see through a situation or the intentions of someone who is emotionally significant in one’s life.


Dreaming about getting an X-ray or looking at an x-ray may not have anything to do with health matters. This dream suggests that you are ready to look beneath the surface of a current situation or problem. X-rays require focused energy and your dream may be a reflection on the energy that you already possess. This energy will assist you in gaining insight and awareness or help you with problem solving. Old dream interpretation books say that dreaming of X-rays is a dream of the contrary. That is, you will be released from your worries and enjoy good health.
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He threw a glass towards her and it hit the wall behind her, showering her with glass shards.
Some of the wounded were hit by glass shards broken by the bullets, and some were wounded from the chaos that broke out, a volunteer paramedic said.
Retired mine worker SE-leyman Bayram, who was stuck by the glass shards, broken by the effect of explosion, was injured.
Morgan discovers small glass shards at the crime scene, and the connection is soon made to a new kind pool game becoming popular in LA - so the team visits an exclusive club where Turelli used to T work, managed by Elise Massey (Osbourne), and they learn that there is more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye.
There was blood all over and I was completely covered with glass shards.
The east-facing facade of undulating bricks sits in contrast to the geometrically challenging glass shards of the west facade.
He said when he saw Mr Brady he had glass shards on his T-shirt.
in more than a meter (about 40 inches) of volcanic glass shards and pulverized rock.
A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD allegedly suffered for more than a month with broken glass shards - one measuring 3cm - in his foot because a health centre failed to spot them, according to his father.
shattered the glass, injuring a 40-day-old infant with glass shards in various
NEWS: Abbie Keers wowed judges to win a silver medal in gymnastics, just one day after an horrific incident left glass shards embedded in her face.
Both systems enable accurate identification and removal of foreign bodies in large packaged food, caused by small glass shards, stones, rubber, plastics or metal parts that might contaminate the food during the production process.