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Scrub benches, fixtures and glazing bars with a disinfectant such as one part bleach to nine parts water to help reduce disease problems.
Most of the windows, on the former school building, which was re-opened as a village hall in 1980, were over 6ft in height and subdivided by glazing bars.
The upper parts of the existing glazing are to be retained and all existing glazing bars are to be repaired, cleaned and sealed.
The windows are beautifully proportioned with inset casement sash windows and delicate glazing bars.
Aluminium is easier to look after, but encourages more condensation and requires special clips to fix supports, shading and insulation to the glazing bars.
Modern windows are usually glazed with one large sheet of glass per sash, while windows in the past were glazed with multiple panes separated by glazing bars or "muntins", due to the unavailability of large panes.
We also stock for other plastic building products such as Washroom wall plastic panels, Window Boards, Roofing Sheet Polycarbonate panels, Glazing bars and Accessories, PVC trims & PVC architrave and dry verge & eaves protector," adds the spokesperson, Plastic Building Supplies.
concertinas and the glazing bars have a period feel, as in Lina Bo Bardi's glass house in Sao Paulo, which was one source of inspiration.
However now companies like Advanced use insulated walls and floors, multi-chamber upvc frames, 40mm triple glazing, insulated roof glazing bars and 35mm multi-chamber solar-coated polycarbonate.
Fasten string supports to the base of the stalk and secure in the glazing bars to tie in the stems as they grow.