glazing bead

glazing bead, glass stop

1. Same as bead, 3.
2. At a glazed opening, removable trim that holds the glass firmly in place.
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Two layers of sealant are used, one in the rebate before the glass is pushed into place and one between the glass and the glazing bead.
A new contoured glazing bead which provides the appearance of colonial
The glass fits into rebates in the surface of the door and is held in place with glazing bead, a specially shaped timber moulding which is nailed to the rebate with panel pins.
A[cedilla] removal of glazing beads and other preparatory work,
John Forbis, the new windows try to emulate wood with a complex profile featuring aspects like sculpted glazing beads, a flush-mounted sash, and narrowed sight lines.
Fit window-locks to all frames, particularly if they are easy to access, and make sure your putty or glazing beads are in good order so that a pane of glass cannot be easily removed.
One line makes four glazing beads at 33 ft/min, a total linear output of 132 ft/min.
The doors, named ALR 67, have a thickness of 67mm and consist of thermal break glazing beads that prevent heat slipping in or out of the seals.
thick clear float glass fixed with continuous teak wood/steamed beech glazing beads of approved shape (finished 35 x 25 mm) all round , Zinc polished and coated with NC lacquer finish.
If your door or window is made of wood, you need to fix the glass with linseed-oil putty, non-setting glazing mastic, or glazing beads, which should be bedded into putty.
Make sure your putty or glazing beads are in good order so a pane of glass cannot be easily removed.
We would love to use MDF for the glazing beads in doubling glazing but customers do not like the look of raw MDF.