glial cells

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glial cells:

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the supervisory center of the nervous system in all vertebrates. It also serves as the site of emotions, memory, self-awareness, and thought. Anatomy and Function
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Thus, this glial cell system with ER-[beta]2 showed a detection limit two to five times lower than that for glial cells containing ER-[alpha].
In 2013 and 2014, the Zhang laboratory created new nerve cells in the brains and spinal cords of mice by introducing transcription factors that promoted the transition of adult glial cells into more primitive, stem cell-like states, and then coaxed them to mature into adult nerve cells.
Imaging may also help in developing new drugs that act on the protein to reduce glial cell activation and reduce pain, said Loggia, who was not at the meeting.
Using glutamate to monitor activity along connective fibers between neurons called axons and at contact points between nerve cells called synapses, glial cells are important players in communications between neurons.
Jill James, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and her colleagues report that the neuronal and glial cell toxicity of methylmercury and ethylmercury (as dosed via thimerosal) are both mediated by the depletion of the antioxidant peptide glutathione.
With growing genomic and est databases, we felt that it would be possible to use structures of known myelination-associated proteins, both those expressed by glial cells and neurons, to identify homologues in animals that lack myelin.
The findings are of particular interest given recent developments in the understanding of glial cells and their function.
In order to test the ability of these stem cell-derived glial cells to make myelin in a damaged nervous system, the investigators implanted these cells into the spinal cords of a specific strain of rat--one that does not make normal myelin due to a genetic mutation.
But in species such as zebrafish these cells, known as Muller glial cells (MGs), do serve as retinal stem cells that are capable of generating new cells.
Our hypothesis implies that nerve-associated glial cells can be recruited from the nerve by unknown molecules presented inside of the tooth environment, and that these recruited cells are capable of producing pulp cells and odontoblasts.