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Pulse-to-pulse variation in amplitude of a reflected radar signal, owing to the reflection of the radar from a body that is rapidly changing its reflecting surface, for example, a spinning airplane propeller.
The use of this effect to degrade tracking or seeking functions of an enemy weapons system.
A small region designed to strongly reflect light from a target.



(Estonian glint; the word is of Scandinavian origin), a fault scarp of the plateau that runs along the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea and on to Lake Ladoga. It is especially prominent in the Estonian SSR. It is composed of Cambrian clays and sandstones covered with Ordovician limestones, which form steep slopes and precipices up to 56 m in elevation (in the Estonian SSR).


A distorted radar signal that varies in amplitude from pulse to pulse. A glint is caused by a radar beam reflected by some rapidly moving object.


A legacy family of 2D and 3D processors from 3D Labs, Inc., a division of Creative Technology Ltd., Milpitas, CA ( that were widely used in high-end graphics cards. 3D Labs' Wildcat Realizm technology followed the GLINT line, which supports high-level shading languages such as OpenGL and Microsoft's DirectX 9.
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Rocky Mountain (Colorado) - In fall, "the park's aspen groves put on a world-class exhibition of glowing gold and glinting bronze, setting entire mountainsides aflame.
Particularly striking, Ritual for Instinctual Return, 1981, features neat rows of dried pigeon feet and glinting stacks of the tiny metal ID rings the birds wear around their ankles.
Weissman of JPL, the flashes could merely have been sunlight glinting off satellites or space debris.
Her dark eyes glinting, Geri Keams leans toward her eager listeners and weaves a tale about Coyote bringing fire to a Navajo village.
From a distance, the glinting deposit of ice-like hydrate jutting from the mud bottom of the Gulf of Mexico was most remarkable for its size.