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Pulse-to-pulse variation in amplitude of a reflected radar signal, owing to the reflection of the radar from a body that is rapidly changing its reflecting surface, for example, a spinning airplane propeller.
The use of this effect to degrade tracking or seeking functions of an enemy weapons system.
A small region designed to strongly reflect light from a target.



(Estonian glint; the word is of Scandinavian origin), a fault scarp of the plateau that runs along the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea and on to Lake Ladoga. It is especially prominent in the Estonian SSR. It is composed of Cambrian clays and sandstones covered with Ordovician limestones, which form steep slopes and precipices up to 56 m in elevation (in the Estonian SSR).


A distorted radar signal that varies in amplitude from pulse to pulse. A glint is caused by a radar beam reflected by some rapidly moving object.


A legacy family of 2D and 3D processors from 3D Labs, Inc., a division of Creative Technology Ltd., Milpitas, CA ( that were widely used in high-end graphics cards. 3D Labs' Wildcat Realizm technology followed the GLINT line, which supports high-level shading languages such as OpenGL and Microsoft's DirectX 9.
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Glints appeared over oceans, most likely in relatively calm patches, and over a few land masses, probably caused by large inland lakes.
Barry, who is leading the Earth-glint research effort, is putting together a catalog that will relate each glint to an exact location on Earth.
Based on the basic principle of the phase gradient method [1], we can obtain the target line glint error as:
This section takes the angle glint calculation of F18 as an example to analyze the influencing factors and compare the exact expression in (6) and approximate expression in (18).
From (6) (9), we can obtain that angle glint is related to distance r, incident direction ([phi], [theta]), antenna pattern F(*), wavenumber k, transmitting and receiving polarization ([h.
Figure 3 shows the four dimensional slices of angle glint vs.
Figure 6 displays the effect of polarization rotation angle ex on line glint error [e.
Not only does GLINT provide exceptional rendering performance for the PC, but the 3Dlabs performance analysis tools assist Gemini and our end users in harnessing that performance directly from our applications.
The 3Dlabs performance analysis tools are invaluable as we work to integrate high performance 3D acceleration into our customers' applications using the 3Demon(TM) family of GLINT accelerators," said Huling Parker, President of Omnicomp Graphics Corporation.
ELSA's GLoria(TM) graphics board is a single-slot solution that combines our unique 3D drivers for Windows(R), Windows NT(TM) and OS/2(R) with both an S3 Vision 968 and a GLINT 300SX.
To support advanced CAD and visualization applications, the GLINT 300SX provides 100% of the OpenGL rendering operations in silicon -- including 32-bit color support, Gouraud shading and depth buffering.
Currently, over 40 companies have incorporated GLINT into their 3D products and GLINT is recognized as the industry-standard accelerator architecture for high-performance 3D graphics on the PC.