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name for a larval or wingless female fireflyfirefly
or lightning bug,
small, luminescent, carnivorous beetle of the family Lampyridae. Fireflies are well represented in temperate regions, although the majority of species are tropical and subtropical.
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Where else can you scale the Alps, explore glowworm caves, steam your dinner in a thermal stewpot, and pick orchids in December?
The GlowWorm is the basis of a family of products we would like to develop for the monitoring of active fiber optic cable.
Caption: A female glowworm with the brightest glow is more likely to attract a mate and lay more eggs, a new study finds.
Koziwarm are agents for Vokera and Sime products, but also repair Baxi, Glowworm, Worchester, Vallient, Potterton, Alpha, Saunier Duval and Ariston.
The Irish group - twin sisters Edele and Keavy Lynch, Sinead O'Carroll and Lindsay Armaou - were signed to Glowworm Records, an Epic label, in 1997.
There is a glowworm which shines from your left eyes when you (she)
VITAL: The view from the German battle cruiser Admiral von Hipper as it bombed HMS Glowworm during the Battle of the Atlantic on April 1940 (main picture) where, left, Captain Johnny Walker's fabled second escort group eventually helped defeat the constant threat of the U-boats to supply convoys
Give us some light here,' someone yelled above the screaming of the horses and Nick stood where he was, holding tight onto a plunging Rowena's head rope, until a glowworm of light bloomed in the darkness, showing a man down and a horse cast in a tangle of flailing hooves and screaming panicking horses.
Roope commanded HMS Glowworm, which was sunk in a suicidal attack on the German cruiser Hipper, whose commander recommended the award.
Highlights include a visit to the Waitomo Caves, with its stalactites and stalagmites, and a guided tour of the Glowworm Grotto, where the boat moves silently through thousands of pinpricks of light.
They attract butterflies like the Northern Brown Argus, Common Blue, Tortoiseshell and Large Skipper, Glowworms are also found.
Whether it's a moonlit hike in 4,107-acre Griffith Park - complete with a show of glowworms - or a self-help class to reduce stress, health and fitness programs for all ages are plentiful in the San Fernando Valley.