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The finale of the macrobiotic bento was an enjoyable serving of smooth glutinous rice cake with tasty green soya bean puree.
The information flow between your organization and your stakeholders has turned into a glutinous paste consisting of over-optimistic and irrelevant slogans.
In contrast, prices of rice and other grains posted strong rises, with the price of glutinous rice jumping 25.
A glutinous rice that has been soaked overnight is pounded in a large mortar (called an usu) with a large wooden mallet (called Kine).
The substance is highly viscous, like glutinous starch syrup, so it cannot be transported by oil pipeline.
it was time to clean the frying vats, and the revolting stench of greasy scalded chicken guts would saturate the air as the fry cooks scraped glutinous lumps of flour and fat that had gathered at the bottom into trash cans.
It would be a pile of glutinous crap in the middle.
A project sponsored by the Manila, Philippines-based International Rice Research Institute and begun in 1997 involved planting mixtures of glutinous and nonglutinous rice in the same fields, which virtually eliminated rice blast in Yunnan province and other parts of China.
Chen, in his 30s, was reportedly a cousin of the owner of the soy milk shop in Tangshan town where more than 200 people were poisoned after eating fried dough sticks, sesame cakes and glutinous rice Saturday.
Unit features precise hand control with an extra long handle and positive gearing allowing the machine to pull glutinous and gummy materials through the rolls.
In the annual imperial event, the emperor planted a total of 100 seedlings of nonglutinous "Nihommasari" rice and glutinous "Mangetsumochi" rice, the agency said.
Martha Bennett Stiles recalls, her Charleston mother's inventive cookery in a Yeatsian Depression-era experiment living on the land: pickled garlic, glutinous cactus jam, and a triumphant "Innisfree Rock[fish].