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Transmission electron micrographic observation depicted severe vacuolations, damage in glycocalyx structure, dilated mitochondria and damage in the tubular network under both conditions, indicating fish were in stress and approached to protect the imposed stress.
A rapid staining procedure to demonstrate glycocalyx production and bacteria biofilms.
Evaluation of resuscitation fluids on endothelial glycocalyx, venular blood flow, and coagulation function after hemorrhagic shock in rats.
25] Damage to the glycocalyx disrupts its shielding function to the vascular walls from direct exposure to blood flow, while serving as a vascular permeability barrier.
The glycocalyx is the slippery gel-like lining of every artery, vein and capillary in the human body which, when healthy, inhibits cholesterol and other particulates from adhering to the walls of the blood vessels.
1998), the patterned sporopollenin polymerisation in the anther mediated by 'white lines' and a glycocalyx, and the possible contribution of in vivo self-assembly of sporopollenin in the development of the sporoderm (Gabarayeva & Hemsley, 2006).
In our study, we also faced a few artifacts that may lead to false-positive interpretations of cases because of lung macrophage staining and nonspecific binding of D5F3 antibody to glycocalyx structures on apical membranes of cancer cells.
Possible interactions and forces involved are: hydrophobic interactions, electrostatic attractions, atomic and molecular vibrations resulting from fluctuating dipoles of similar frequencies, Brownian movement and recruitment and trapping by biofilm polymers interacting with the bacterial glycocalyx (capsule) [25].
Once bacteria and other microorganisms attach to a surface, they excrete an extracellular polymer or glycocalyx that will both protect them from chemicals and supply nutrients to maintain life (Meltzer, 1997).
Glycocalyx is composed of glycoconjugates such as glycoproteins, glycolipids, and proteoglycans.
Hydra's stably associated bacteria are almost exclusively associated with the ectodermal epithelium and in particular with the glycocalyx layer (Fig.