Glycolic Acid

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glycolic acid

[glī′käl·ik ′as·əd]
(organic chemistry)
CH2OHCOOH Colorless, deliquescent leaflets, decomposing about 78°C; soluble in water, alcohol, and ether; used as a chemical intermediate in fabric dyeing. Also known as hydroxyacetic acid.

Glycolic Acid


the simplest acyclic hydroxy acid, HOCH2COOH. Colorless, odorless crystals; melting point, 79°-80°C; dissociation constant K = 1.5 × 10-4. Readily soluble in water and organic solvents. It is present in unripe grapes and in beet juice. Glycolic acid is made industrially by hydrolysis of monochloroacetic acid, by electrolytic reduction of oxalic acid, or by condensing carbon monoxide with formaldehyde under pressure in the presence of acid catalysts. Glycolic acid is used in the textile industry (in dyeing), in the leather industry, and as a component of mixtures for cleaning metal surfaces.

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In a separate study, 15 Hispanic patients with Fitzpatrick skin types III-IV and bilateral facial melasma applied Glyquin XM cream, Which adds hyaluronic acid to Glyquin to help moisturize the skin and restore elasticity The study aimed to see whether the addition of hyaluronic acid might minimize irritation from the cream's glycolic acid, said Dr.
Fraser's comments regarding the importance of glycolic acid measurements in the context of suspected ethylene glycol intoxication in the patient reported in Case 3 of our recent case conference (1).
Personal care products were the largest application segment for glycolic acid and accounted for over 55% of the demand in 2011.
The formula includes glycolic acid, lactic acid and vitamin C.
Lesley also advises 30-somethings to start exfoliating regularly and to use a product containing AHA glycolic acid to get rid of dead skin cells.
The line's Body Moisturizer contains drago beta glucan to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while glycolic acid smoothes rough, dry skin.
With aloe vera to soothe and glycolic acid to ease away fine lines, Anthony's Glycolic Facial Cleanser, right, will help hold back the years.
The SmoothPeel laser allows practitioners to offer their patients several treatment options from a simple "Friday night freshening" with minimal to no downtime, all the way to a peel comparable to a glycolic acid peel with just a few days downtime.
Supply of Desonide Cream 10gms, Clidamycin gel, Eberconazole cream, Hydrocortisone cream 10gms, Glycolic acid cream 15 gm, Ammonium lactate cream 50 gms, Glycerine Lotion, Glycerine cream tube of 100 gm, Salicylic acid face wash, Imiquimod cream, etc.
CrossChem's state-of-the-art process and proprietary saponification technology produces a commercially available glycolic acid that is formaldehyde- and formic acid-free.