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A goal in the first hour-- such a thing hasn't been done in the School-house match these five years.
Their leaders have sent their lumber into goal, and rated the rest soundly, and one hundred and twenty picked players-up are there, bent on retrieving the game.
Again and again the cloud of their players- up gathers before our goal, and comes threatening on, and Warner or Hedge, with young Brooke and the relics of the bull-dogs, break through and carry the ball back; and old Brooke ranges the field like Job's war-horse.
The quarter to five has struck, and the play slackens for a minute before goal; but there is Crew, the artful dodger, driving the ball in behind our goal, on the island side, where our quarters are weakest.
Reckless of the defence of their own goal, on they come across the level big-side ground, the ball well down amongst them, straight for our goal, like the column of the Old Guard up the slope at Waterloo.
The ball rolls slowly in behind the School-house goal, not three yards in front of a dozen of the biggest School players-up.
Diamond Paints in the second match outplayed Allied Bank by 5 goals to two goals.
12] 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 First Throwing at The 7 m Throws Total Efficiency and the goal throw goals last from hip name Goal Miss Goal Miss Total [J.
When I first saw this game on the fixture list, my immediate reaction was to shout: "Goals, goals, goals, goals, goals, goals, goals, goals
Oaks Christian 7, Bell Gardens 1: Kelsea Smith had two goals and four assists, setting a program record for most points in a playoff game, to lead host Oaks Christian of Westlake Village (14-6-1) to the quarterfinals for the sixth straight year.
As a result, students often become dependant on the classroom teacher to develop their academic goals and rarely acquire self-regulated learning strategies.
A counter-attack can then lead to a quick shot on goal.