golden calf

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golden calf,

in the Bible, an idol erected by the Israelites on several occasions. AaronAaron
, in the Bible, the brother of Moses and his spokesman in Egypt, and the first high priest of the Hebrews. He is presented as the instrument of God in performing many signs, such as the turning of his rod into a serpent and causing the rod to bud, blossom, and bear almonds.
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 made one while MosesMoses
, Hebrew lawgiver, probably b. Egypt. The prototype of the prophets, he led his people in the 13th cent. B.C. out of bondage in Egypt to the edge of Canaan. The narrative in the Bible is the chief source of information on his life.
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 was on Mt. Sinai. Jeroboam IJeroboam I
, in the Bible, first king of the northern kingdom of Israel. He was an Ephraimite and led a revolt against Solomon, inspired probably by the restlessness of N Palestine under southern rule.
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 made two, and HoseaHosea
, prophetic book of the Bible. It relates something of the career of the prophet Hosea who preached against the sins of the northern kingdom of Israel in the third quarter of the 8th cent. B.C.
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 denounced a calf in Samaria. A bull cult was widespread in CanaanCanaan
. 1 According to biblical ethnography, Canaan was the son of Ham and the ancestor for whom the Canaanites were named. 2 Territory, the same as ancient Palestine, lying between the Jordan, the Dead Sea, and the Mediterranean and sometimes including
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 at the time of the Israelite invasion.

calf, golden,

erected by the Israelites on several occasions, as related in the Bible and the Qur'an. Aaron made one while Moses was on Mt. Sinai. Jeroboam placed one at Bethel and another at Dan. Hosea denounced one in Samaria. Archaeological evidence suggests that bull images functioned as representations of the gods or as bearers of them. Bull cults were widespread in Canaan at the time of the invasion of the Israelites.

Golden Calf

Mephisto’s cynical and demoniacal tarantella. [Fr. Opera: Gounod, Faust, Westerman, 187]
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golden calf

idol made by Aaron in Moses’s absence. [O.T.: Exodus 32:2–4]
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Similarly, the Tabernacle was given as a sign of remorse for the Golden Calf.
Is there a lesson here in the apparent rejection of the established Church in favour of some golden calf idolatry?
Although she writes that the inclusion of quotations from Ilf and Petrov's The Golden Calf, the supreme Soviet satire, is her way of paying "homage to [her] literary predecessors," the passages, in fact, enrich her essays with burlesque.
Our sages tell us that after G-d found the people of Israel worshipping the Golden Calf, following what they thought was Moses not returning to them, the Almighty wanted to destroy the entire nation.
He was impressively authoritative in the Golden Calf aria, and naturally drew all eyes with his acid wit and mordant comedy.
Searching Jewish, Christian, and Greco-Roman antiquity for sources that clarify the meaning of the Pauline phrase, he argues that it should be understood as metaphor, and that its taproot is found in Israel's worship of the golden calf.
Set during the Second World War, her performance as a Jewish girl who falls in love with a Nazi officer, played by Sebastian Koch, has won her a Golden Calf, the Dutch film industry's Oscar.
Golden Calf purveys high-quality Chinese and American antiques at 86 North Sixth Street.
Examiner arts correspondent Playfellow was barely able to contain his fury and discontent over the Shoenberg premiere of Dance Round the Golden Calf at Leeds Festival.
The making of the golden calf and the breaking of the tablets; the people's faithlessness to God
The resolution will call for Baptists to create an "exit strategy" from the public schools; a press release refers to the schools as "the golden calf of the religious left.
In fact, we knew precious little about anything with the exception of Scott Johnson's short longs, his golden calf muscles and thighs and the fact that in the severe cold, a man's body changes out of all recognition.