golden chain

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golden chain:

see laburnumlaburnum
or golden chain,
small tree (Laburnum anagyroides) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family) with decorative dark green leaves and sprays of bright yellow flowers. It is native to Europe, where, as in America, it is widely grown for ornament.
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With a bound I was on the steps of the platform beside Than Kosis, and as he stood riveted with surprise I brought my long-sword down upon the golden chain that would have bound Dejah Thoris to another.
Some found fault with their golden chains, as to no use nor purpose; being so small and weak, that a bondman might easily break them; and again so wide and large that, when it pleased him, he might cast them off, and run away at liberty whither he would.
A few of the uninjured red men battled bravely against their cruel foes, but for the most part they seemed too overwhelmed by the horror of the catastrophe that had befallen them to do more than submit supinely to the golden chains with which they were manacled.
Remembrance is a golden chain, that links us until we meet again.
MP Tharwat Bakhit, a member of the Supreme Committee of the Free Egyptians Party, highlighted the role played by the Egyptian Coptic Church for decades, naming the Patriarchs of the ancient church by the Golden chain.
The Holidays selection also features new embellished pieces, with appliquAaAa detail, golden chain features, slimming faux leather panels, curve-enhancing cut-outs, cutesy tulle bows and raunchy chest harnesses and strappy designs enhancing the featured lingerie pieces.
NAB spokesman said in a statement that accused Allah Ditta and Khalid Mahmood, both directors of Golden Chain Private Limited, were arrested today after their bail was cancelled by the court.
Steak 'n Shake is the recipient of the Nation's Restaurant News Golden Chain Award.
Prateesh, (Shine Tom Chacko) has pledged his girlfriend's golden chain for money and he needs to retrieve it before her father learns the truth about the chain.
In September, 1993, the company introduced exciting new enhancements to the Golden Fried Chicken menu as well as the restaurant appearance and thus was born Golden Chick, a concept positioned to propel the golden chain into the future.
Accordingly, the employer searched the room of the maid, while she was away and found branded expensive sunglasses, 70 Euros, the missing golden chain, and receipts of transferring various sums of money to her home country within the previous two months.
Dipa was in Hyderabad on Sunday and was presented a golden chain by Gopichand's sister.