golden eagle

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golden eagle

a large eagle, Aquila chrysaetos, of mountainous regions of the N hemisphere, having a plumage that is golden brown on the back and brown elsewhere

Golden Eagle


(Aquila chrysaëtus), a bird of the family Accipitridae, order Falconiformes.

The golden eagle is up to 95 cm long, and its wing span is up to 2 m. Its plumage is dark brown. The golden eagle is found in the forest zone and mountainous regions of Europe, Asia, and North America, and also in North Africa. In the USSR it is found as far north as the border of the forest zone. It feeds on hares, small rodents, birds, reptiles, frogs, insects, and carrion. The golden eagle is rare. It nests in trees and on cliffs. There are one to two eggs in a clutch. The bird is useful because it destroys rodents. In Middle Asia and Kazakhstan the golden eagle is used for game hunting of foxes, hares, and sometimes wolves and gazelles; fledglings are usually obtained from nests, tamed, and taught to hunt.

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