golden glow

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golden glow:

see black-eyed Susanblack-eyed Susan
or yellow daisy,
North American daisylike wildflower (Rudbeckia hirta) of the family Asteraceae (aster family) with yellow rays and a dark brown center. It is a weedy biennial or annual and grows in dry places.
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selected to receive this year's Golden Glow Award for a company is an honor," said Kevin Howard, president.
You might think exfoliation would be the last thing you do when you've got a golden glow.
BODY BUFFING You might think exfoliation would be the last thing you do when you've got a golden glow.
Golden Glow and Chocolate Kiss Facials, Camera Ready Makeup, Cupcake Pedicures for Celebrity Half Pint Pamper
Spa owner Raya Ruder says a twice-weekly application will give skin ``a golden glow.
A Black Country-based brewery - Holden's at Coseley - has reached the top ten of The Great British Beer Festival Golden Ale Trail with its Golden Glow beverage.
A few nights earlier, a golden glow had suffused the reminiscences of Black Mountain College by Cunningham and early company members Remy Charlip and Carolyn Brown, who recalled that heady era of experimentation.
Although sunlight seems to have a golden glow, it's really made up of all the colors of the rainbow.
Before long, the negative press had taken on a golden glow as critics lauded her performance in Monster's Ball, as well as her triumph over personal adversity.
A final doublepage spread presents the magnificent animal, bronze and potent in its golden glow.
The golden glow imparted by the sun as it sets just out of sight beyond the right-hand edge of the photograph hints at a John Martin-like sense of the apocalyptic.
The advertising agency responsible for the campaign hopes to attract new customers and get old ones to buy more gold by telling them that "the golden glow of warm is the new cool".