golden glow

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golden glow:

see black-eyed Susanblack-eyed Susan
or yellow daisy,
North American daisylike wildflower (Rudbeckia hirta) of the family Asteraceae (aster family) with yellow rays and a dark brown center. It is a weedy biennial or annual and grows in dry places.
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Virgin Vie Sun Shimmering Body Lotion, pounds 8 A slight coconut smell soon brings back memories of smoothing on the sun cream by the pool -- and a bronze cream brings back the golden glow of the tan.
Thank God for the LA sunshine, that's all we can say - that golden glow is her saving grace (imagine if she were pasty on top of all that).
TO PINCH the old Model T Ford slogan - "you can have it any colour so long as it's black" - Chrysler have given their retro chic cruiser a golden glow, called it The Dream, and won't sell it in any other hue.
Don't risk it, girls - if you want a golden glow, the bottle is always best.
The charity, who run an annual SunSmart campaign, warned the skin damage caused in the pursuit of a golden glow can last a lifetime.
He suggested to his fiancee, Frances Crowley, that the stable's second string Golden Glow should set a searching gallop.
Bronze Goddess Self Tan, pounds 20 An easy-to-apply tan formulated for the face that will give a golden glow in an hour.
THE GOLDEN glow of Britain's Olympians must shine long after the Beijing games are over.