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percussion instrument consisting of a disk, usually with upturned edges, 3 ft (91 cm) or more in diameter in the modern orchestra, often made of bronze, and struck with a felt- or leather-covered mallet or drumstick. Of ancient origin—representations of the gong date back to the 6th cent. A.D.—it has also been called the tam-tam. First used in Western music in the funeral march of Gossec's Mirabeau (1791), the gong has since been a regular member of the European-type orchestra, but it is used sparingly. It is commonly used in East Asian music and in the gamelan music of Bali and Java.


Abbrev. for Global Oscillations Network Group.



a percussion instrument much in use by the people of Southeast Asia; a convex bronze disk with its edges curved outward.

The gong produces a melodious resounding tone when struck with a special hammer. It is used as a signaling instrument, to accompany dances and perfomances at puppet theaters, and in gamelan orchestras. The tam-tam, a variation of the gong, is used in operatic and symphonic orchestras.



1. a percussion instrument of indefinite pitch, consisting of a metal platelike disc struck with a soft-headed drumstick
2. a rimmed metal disc, hollow metal hemisphere, or metal strip, tube, or wire that produces a note when struck. It may be used to give alarm signals when operated electromagnetically
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Forged traditionally using hammer and anvil, Bedbed gongs had reached Ibaloy, Kankanaey, Ifugao, Kalinga, Tingguian, Itneg and Bontoc residing in New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom, according to gong maker Rodolfo Monte, 67.
The gongs are plasma cut from 10mm-thick NM500 sheets.
Accepting his gong, Devon-raised Alex said: "This time last year I picked up my diploma from drama school so this is insane.
For the first time since its separation as a province from Apayao, Kalinga's anniversary will mark the beating of 1,000 gongs, an instrument commonly heard in local activities.
Led Zeppelin drummer Bonham used gongs for dramatic effect by having them set alight during performances.
One of the reasons that there are so many Tudi Gongs in Taiwan is because Tudi Gong's power, his jurisdiction, is very limited.
The vibration of sounds and frequency emitted by gongs are said to help reduce anxiety and stress, and release repressed emotions.
But we had to console the gorgeous star after the gongs for Best Female Solo Artist, Best Album, Best Single and Best Breakthrough Act went to to Kate Nash, Arctic Monkeys and Mika.
TV Quick editor Lori Miles said the BBC1 soap had earned its grand slam of gongs.
TABUK CITY -- More than a thousand gongs on Thursday played a rhythmic beat that grew louder and louder as dancers from seven towns in Kalinga province and this capital city formed into letters that declare to the world, "Kalinga Shines.
But to our amazement the gongs for Best Female Solo Artist, Best Album, Best Single and Best Breakthrough Act went to Kate Nash, Arctic Monkeys and Mika.