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/gonk/ 1. To prevaricate or to embellish the truth beyond any reasonable recognition. In German the term is (mythically) "gonken"; in Spanish the verb becomes "gonkar". "You're gonking me. That story you just told me is a bunch of gonk." In German, for example, "Du gonkst mir" (You're pulling my leg).

See also gonkulator.

2. (British) To grab some sleep at an odd time.

Compare gronk out.
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Contact point (s): GONK [beaucoup moins que]Oi Agioi Anargyroi[beaucoup plus grand que]
I like to think I helped launch Gonks onto a world ready for small cuddly creatures and that particular Gonk helped me cement my relationship with the girl who was to become my wife, who appreciated the qualities of another small cuddly creature - me.
He took a Mistar Urdd gonk with him to the International Space Station in 1998.
ON OFFER: The strange figure drawn by John Lennon and the Paul McCartney gonk held by Kathy Hall from the Beatles shop Pictures: COLIN LANE; BACK STAGE: The Beatles waiting to go on stage at Buxton
He thought I was some squeaky-voiced gonk and slammed the door in my face.
And last week Alex Jones and Matt Baker (the tenacious Woodward and Bernstein of light showbiz chat) did the same number on poor old Rod Stewart, these days having come to resemble a life-size prototype of those shock-haired Gonk dolls that used to be popular in the '70s - which, ironically, is about the last time Rod's music also had any relevance.
In fact, we've been watching it so often here at TV Times Past towers that some of us have regressed to the point where we've abandoned the idea of bringing out any papers next week and have instead taken to sitting under our desks eating cheese and pineapple chunks on sticks, drinking Cresta pop and furiously stroking a Gonk.
Back in Scotland, everywhere they go, fans shout out their catchphrases, such as "Gi'us a gonk, ya dobber".
Wearing full academic dress for Finals just added to the stress levels, even if your mortar-board did provide a handy receptacle for spare ink cartridges, Polo mints and your lucky Gonk.
Danny DeVito is the Lorax, a grumpy gonk who speaks for trees, if you please.
I know it was a gonk because Maria told me this week, possibly as a gentle reminder that the day was fast approaching and a bunch of roses might not be bad idea.