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name for a low, annual leguminous plant (Arachis hypogaea) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family) and for its edible seeds. Native to South America and cultivated there for millenia, it is said to have been introduced to Africa by early explorers, and Africans
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St Louis headlines read, "Cards Buy a Third Dean Pitcher--And it's a Nutty Idea," and, "The Dean Brothers--Two Nuts and One Goober.
Outside of the movie store, was dancing on the sidewalk like a goober to make my sister laugh.
No one is criticized for calling someone a "hayseed," not to mention hick, hillbilly, bumpkin, redneck, goober, yokel, rube, plowboy, cracker, trailer trash, or woodchuck.
Their story is paralleled by that of the elder son, Goober and his wife Mae, and their efforts to gain the owner ship of the plantation.
Summary: Goober Networks, the only complete Unified Communications (UC) solution, today announced goober 3.
Reading the characters of Straw and Ochello as both central and invisible, homosexual grandfathers and plantation patriarchs, Bibler emphasizes the ambivalence they pose, looming as specters above Brick's childless marriage and the repulsive fertility of Goober and Mae.
56 is perfectly adequate, and it is--if you're shooting some IED-planting goober at 200 yards.
LOUIS & GOOBER Louis and Goober are male rats who live with Iona Findlay near Inverness.
Sure, North Carolina gave us Willie Jones, Michael Jordan, Thomas Wolfe, Fred Chappell, and dancing-pig barbecue shacks, but there's that embarrassing Gomer and Goober thing, and besides, what do states matter when all are bathed equally in the bathetic "God Bless the USA"?
Zoe Elias, or Zsa Zsa Goober as she is sometimes called, is one of these girls.