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see anglerangler
or anglerfish,
common name for a member of the order Lophiiformes, predacious fishes found worldwide; many are deep-sea dwellers. Anglers lure their prey with a long, wormlike appendage that extends forward and dangles over the mouth.
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Pelagic and benthic goosefish were collected on the continental shelf in waters from the Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank, and the Middle Atlantic Bight (Table 1, Fig.
General inferences about the habitats of YOY goosefish were based on the location and depth of collection and the known habitat of items found in the stomach contents of goosefish specimens.
Goosefish undergo changes in morphological features and pigmentation during the transition from pelagic larvae to settled juveniles.
The distribution of YOY goosefish was affected to a large degree by the timing and location of reproduction.
Further, examination of otoliths from juvenile goosefish caught in the Middle Atlantic Bight indicated good correspondence between the hatching check and back-calculated mean size at hatching (4.
The growth of YOY goosefish appears to be fast compared to that of other north temperate marine fishes.
Although goosefish larvae were not abundant on Georges Bank and in the Gulf of Maine (Fig.
Most of the data and the majority (76%) of the benthic YOY (20-120 mm TL) goosefish specimens were collected from the NMFS scallop assessment surveys in the Middle Atlantic Bight and on Georges Bank during 1982 to 2001 (Fig.
Occurrence of squid in the goosefish diet was restricted to the winter and fall (Table 2) and differences among all seasons were significant ([H.
2000) reported cephalopods as a major constituent (>20%) of the goosefish diet in the southern New England region.
The importance of squid to the diets of bluefish, goosefish, silver hake, and summer flounder in the southern New England region.
7) Length range (mm) 200-438 460-547 555-780 Goosefish Small Medium Large Prey type 50-250 251-450 451+ Squid -- 4.